In ITEL we understand that the quality of our services is of vital importance for the development of the activities. Therefore in all manufacturing and logistics processes we take the utmost efforts to meet the results expected and deserved by our customers

The ongoing reliability of our products is the best indicator of our level of excellence, so we take care to detail their integration in each operation and process, from the lower levels of manufacture until the final stages of inspection and improvement. We put this commitment by:

- Fulfill with established standards and customer requirements

- Maintain and constantly improve the effectiveness of our processes and services

- Establish and review quality objectives regularly to ensure the most appropriate methods

Since the year 2000 all the functions performed by our company are implemented by a system of certification ISO 9001: 2008, extended later to the ISO/TS 16949 standard for applications dedicated to the automotive industry. In this implementation context of the company's quality policy all processes are often analyzed in the most dynamic way to ensure and optimise the reliability of our procedures. To preserve and enhance the quality of our products and services is a key goal in our business.


We review our quality system based on the following points:


- Internal and external audits (to suppliers)


- Planning of the quality management and application methods


- Continuous improvement tools


ITEL is also concerned about the sustainability of the planet. It is for this reason that all our operations are aligned with environmental policy defined under warranty ISO 14001, which seeks to minimize disruptions in our ecosystem.


Quality and compliance with regulations and standards

Our quality assurance coverage includes the management of risks, analysis of failures, verification, validation, statistical techniques, process capability studies, data collection, reporting and support of technical documentation. We also provide educational support at the customer's request.


We provide any certification or warranty subjected to international regulations:


-Compliance with the EU directives for the use of the CE mark
-Certification RoHS, WEEE
-Certificate of quality of the product
-Guarantee of conformity of the product
-IMDS (automotive sector) data logging
-Specific analysis of reliability (RoHS, EMC, etc.)
-Certification systems ISO 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environmental)
-Certification ISO/TS 16949 (automotive)
-Validation of components according to standards (VDE, UL, etc.)


RoHS directive- 

Since July 1, 2006 regulatory requirements prevent the use of lead and other less common metals in non-exempted electronic sets according to the Directive 2002/95/EC, known as the RoHS directive. ITEL actively supports its customers by providing advice and support in order to achieve their products-free status.


Prior to the implementation of such legislation our company already adapted processes of SMD and conventional soldering, all RoHS compatible through investments in equipment, processes of analysis on the alloys employed and Declaration of assurances from suppliers of the acquired components. We offer our clients the possibility of establishing progressive verification protocols on processed products.


WEEE directive -


This regulation restricts the indiscriminate waste of equipment or electrical and electronic components at the end of its useful life, diverting its destruction to recycling plants known as green points or recycling points. Our company is attached to an IMS enterprise  (integrated management system) for the proper performance of this commandment.



Inspection, PCB testing and validation

We build all our procedures to ensure the reliability of processes and products developed according to the IPC-A-610. This standard uses integral criteria for mounting printed circuit boards and their validation. IPC-A-610 is the standard of inspection used in the electronics industry at the international level and represents the most recognized basis for acceptance of final products and reliability of the Assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBA).


During the quality inspection  tasks we fit specific customer requirements and carry out studies of time reduction that may affect final cost savings.

All areas of quality control and handling of the products are located in electrostatic protection areas (EPA), for that purpose ITEL has established a specific protocol for security and maintenance against electrostatic discharge (ESD)

The quality control guidelines include:


-Verification of the design


-Assistance in the development and implementation of software


-Analysis of debugging


-Test of functionality (automatic techniques or manuals)


-Validation process


-Statistical tests of reliability and evaluation. Mean time between failures (MTBF)


We have advanced technology to run automated optical inspection (AOI) according to the product specifications.

We can perform tests of test "fixtureless" (FICT), based on computerized optical signals that represent a cost-effective alternative to the traditional "bed of nails tester" for installations of low to medium volume and a saving in cost and deployment time. Among other advantages, this system allows to make measurements of resistive values, detection of polarities, lack of components, intrusions, etc.


We offer support for incorporation of testers and quality control moulds based on traditional "bed of nails" for high volume installations, fully adapted to the needs of the product.



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