Productión and quality

- Highly qualified R+D+i engineering team

- Assistance in printed and electronic circuit design

- Analysis of project and cost of industrialization

- Design and programming of application software

- Elaboration of prototypes

- Feasibility of development for new components

- Debugging

- Process control systems

- Test and measurement equipment

- Study oriented to quality control. Test kits and tools
- Personalized Sourcing and preparation of budgets

- Excellent relationship with leading manufacturers and suppliers

- Concerted plans for reception of goods

- Management of supplies according to agreement

- Fully computerized data management

- Customized inventories. FIFO structure

- Productive plants with more than 25,000 m2 useful

- Tailor-made production lines

- Advanced technology. Machinery and cutting-edge equipment

- ESD safety routines in all working areas

- Flexible and established manufacturing methods

- Qualified and experienced operating staff

- Multidisciplinary teams

- Assembly SMD and conventional. Assembly automatic and manual

- Welding RoHS / non RoHS

- Inspection and test. Customized techniques and control AQL

- Couting treatment on PCBA's

- Statistics control and production time debugging

- Practices and analyses for the improvement

- Certification and validation standards

Logístics and after-sales support

- Wide network of logistics resources around the world

- Structure of on-line network communication with customers

- Adjustable orders and distribution programs

- Strict delivery deadlines

- Shipping point to point (tailored to customer)

- Analysis of costs and optimisation

- Advanced management of RMA

- Guarantee and repair support

- Electronic tracking of orders

Electrónica ITEL offers all kinds of services connected with manufacturing of circuit boards and electronic equipment, either half-finished product or finished product. The various tasks extend from acquisition of raw materials and electronic components used during the manufacturing processes to the distribution of these respective packs.


Range of EMS services: 


- Design assistance

- Production of prototypes

- Acquisition of materials

- Assembling of PCBs

- Installation kits

- Quality inspection and functional test

- Custom delivery program


All production procedures are associated to the customer's requirements and are subject to a strict quality policy based on our certification according to ISO 9001: 2008 standard. We also base all the tasks of technical field in the standard IPC-A-610. IPC-A-610 is the specification which is widely used in the industry of electronic assemblies for the methodology and acceptability of PCBA's. 


We have a team of qualified and experienced technical staff. We also enjoy a special support in R+D+i from collaborators and partners worldwide and innovate regularly in our technological resources to maintain the best capabilities and machinery, hardware and software.


Some equipment examples of our assembly lines are:


- Automatic chargers and unloaders

- Printers in-line (type Yamaha YVP)

- Inspection conveyor (trademark Nutek)

- Pick & place machines of high density and accuracy (as Yamaha YG100A / YG100B)

- Reflow owens with support for high-volume lines (type Heller 1809 EXL)

- Individual lines of wave soldering or selective with lead-free application / non lead-free

- Specific areas of quality inspection, functional test and laboratory trials.

- Automatic optical inspection (AOI) machine (model Orbotech Vantage S22 3D)




Organization of services:

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