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We have a solid career in the field of telecommunications as manufacturers of complete and half-finished product inside a rising activity. We are designers and developers of products dedicated to the adsl technology. We sell equipment for transmission for major national and international companies and put this experience at the service of our customers, among the variety of devices we provide fixed, cellular phones, modular systems, splitters, microfilters, PTR's, etc

Products related to the electronics and energy industry make up much of our activity. Often this kind of circuits are more bulky and heavy, as well as higher volumes of manufacture assemblies are required. For these cases we offer great solutions of stockage and storage. We manufacture electronic panels for electric meters, solar panels, circuits for structures of wind energy, systems of protection against fires, rail networks, etc.



We produce and distribute electronic devices for the main automotive systems assembly firms. We are increasingly employed in this field flexible solutions for outsourcing projects. The manufacturing of products to the industry involves serious steps of quality control and assurance. We also produce all corresponding validation tests. Our company manufacture circuits for signalling, operation, protection, etc.


Domotics and circuits used in appliances sector constitute an important part of manufacturing developed by our company. This type of articles are used in a more diverse range of fields each time. We offer studies for improving industrialization in developments of innovative creation. We elaborate systems of alarm and control for home automation environments, safety and on-off devices for appliances of domestic use, lighting systems, probes of measurement, etc.


More and more customers and corporations within the medical scope trust their products to Electrónica ITEL. This is a clear indicator about the guarantee that we offer in processes and products requiring very thorough quality controls and an extensive requirements in security protocol. We assembled electronic circuits of high accuracy for analytical instrumentation, multi-tasking equipment, units of monitoring, etc.

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Electronics rises progressively as part more substantial in the operation of all industrial sectors. Systems of control, security, communications, transport, leisure, etc. base his design in electronic circuits whose specifications are gradually more complex. Electrónica ITEL provides an effective response to the demand of the market offering accessible, flexible and competitive solutions for the assembling of PCBs and assemblies of electro-mechanical sets.


We provide recruitment projects, assistance in the design, manufacture and management logistics with integral or partial forms for the all sectors of the industry. We work on the basis of a philosophy of continuous improvement of our technical resources, training of our professional teams and complete customer satisfaction.

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